A better way to prevent & treat pain.

Whether you’re looking to build strength and flexibility, or treat existing pain and injuries, Omada can help. Best of all, it’s free for you and your family.
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Joint & muscle care that adapts to you

Prevent aches and pains or heal an injury with a plan created just for you.

Help your body move at its best

Tune up your body to help you move better and prevent injuries.

Treat the source, not the symptoms

Find out why you're in pain and learn what you can do about it.

Feel better, anytime

Learn how to manage and treat your pain anytime, anywhere.

URAC Accredited Telehealth: Consumer-to-Provider 08/01/2026

How it works

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Starting a new activity or just looking for a tuneup? Even if you don’t have a current joint or muscle issue, we’ll help you keep it that way with a self-guided plan—at no cost to you.


If you have recurring pain or an injury, schedule a video chat with a licensed physical therapist within 24 hours. They’ll take time to get to know you and create a treatment plan that fits into your life.
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An enhanced version of what you might experience via in-person physical therapy. It combines symptom relief, therapeutic exercise, patient education, and more with an always-available dedicated PT.
  • A treatment plan just for you
    Treat the source of your pain, not just the symptoms.

  • App-guided exercises
    3D animations and voice narration help with pacing and form.

  • Anytime, anywhere access
    Message or video chat with your dedicated PT anytime.

  • Exercise kit
    We'll mail you a kit with all the tools you need — yours to keep.

  • Innovative video analysis
    Analyze your movements in real-time and share them with your PT so that they can better assess your progress and tailor your recovery plan.

Life without aches and pains is possible

Thousands of patients have done away with daily pain, and you can too.


Improve area of chief concern


Average pain reduction


Patient satisfaction

Frequently asked questions.


Yes. Omada is FREE for you and your family to use and at no time will you be billed for any part of the service. Omada is part of your Westlake health benefits and is offered at no cost.


The injury prevention program is for those who are not currently experiencing a joint or muscle issue (pain or injury). It is a self-directed exercise and education program tailored to your needs based on a series of questions answered prior to program setup. For this program, you will not interact with a physical therapist.

The recovery program is for those who are experiencing a joint or muscle issue (pain or injury). It is a treatment program directed by a licensed physical therapist that will focus on guiding you through to recovery.


With Omada, you’ll have access to a dedicated licensed physical therapist who manages your recovery every step of the way through video visits, live chat and a personalized plan with guided exercises – all on your smartphone. You’ll also receive a free exercise kit in the mail that includes a phone stand, door anchor and elastic bands.


The vast majority of “hands-on” assessments, including range of motion or mobility tests, can be replicated remotely. Omada’s high-quality, personalized care and its remote approach to diagnosis has shown to be just as accurate as in-person diagnosis.


Appointments are generally available as early as the same day or next day. You will be prompted during the enrollment process to schedule your initial consultation. To schedule an additional appointment with your dedicated physical therapist at any time, tap the “Inbox” tab in the bottom menu in the mobile app, then tap the calendar icon in the top right corner and tap the "schedule video visit” button.


Most people can expect to experience improvements in the first two weeks but may vary on a case-by-case basis according to individual conditions and care plans. Your physical therapist will provide a recovery timeline that is in alignment with your personalized plan.


No referrals are necessary! If you are experiencing joint or muscle pain, an initial assessment with your dedicated physical therapist will determine if virtual physical therapy is right for you.